Bazman is the name of one of two volcanoes in southern east of iran, sistan & balouchestan province.

Our job inclouds construction, design-building and project management.

Bazman pisheh sakht is ready to lead you through the projects from startto end with the best professional solution.

Records founders


    Mosadegh -Hadi

    Geology, ShahidBeheshti University, Tehran, 1994

    - Contractor and expert of Geotechnical projects, various type of supporting systems of underground spaces, slope stabilization in soil and rock, deep excavation in urban area, grouting, diaphragm wall.


    - Expert in preparation of geotechnical projects method statement, Proficient in excavation and drilling machineries and equipment.




    Civil/Geotechnical Engineer, Amirkabir University, Tehran 2002


    -          Well experienced Geotechnical Engineering with specialty in rock and soil mechanics, analysis and design of rock/soil slopesand deep excavations in urban area, retaining structures, foundation engineering, temporary and permanent lining of underground structures/tunnels, and structural design of building, railway and metro stations.

    -      Responsible of leading technical office, preparation of work method and technical specification


• All of the accidents are able to be predicted and prevented.
• Safety and environment is a must.
• Care and improvement the health of personnels is our duty.

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